30 day diet plan app

30 day diet plan app

Is it possible to use it as a 30 day diet plan app?

Although the recommended length of this diet is 90 days you can also use it as a 30 day diet plan app. However, to get the best results out of it we suggest you making a few small changes:

  1. Don’t consume more calories then your estimate daily calorie requirement. To even get better results you can try to make a small deficit which will help you to even lose more weight. To calculate your estimated daily calorie requirements you can use this site: https://calculator.me/planning/weight-loss.php
  2. Avoid unhealthy foods completely: So for example, when its carbs day try to stick to healthy food like potatoes etc. and avoid eating those sugar bombs.
  1. Don’t try to lose too much weight: Losing too much weight in a short time can cause a yoyo effect, which can lead to a huge weight increase after finishing with the diet.
  1. Try to add some exercises to your daily routines, as it will help you to burn even more calories and to gain muscles, which will help you to lose even more weight. You can download our Fitness app here for free to get access to a workout plan.

If you want to have further details about the diet you can click here to get the detailed meal plan. Also don’t forget to check out our 90 Day Diet App which will support you on your journey.

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