Carbohydrates Day

Carbohydrates Day

The 90 Day Diet continues with the Carbohydrates Day or Carbs Day. They can be found in various forms of foods, for example grains, vegetables and fruits. Normally they appear as sugars, starches and fibers. They also count as one of the most important energy suppliers for the body.

Carbohydrates are classified in two different chemical structures: simple and complex. The difference is how quickly the body can absorb them. While simple carbs can be absorbed more quickly and cause bursts of energy more quickly, but do not sustain as long as complex ones.

Breakfast: The breakfast is identical on each day (except Water Day). You can eat any kind of fruit group, but don’t mix it. For example, if you decide to eat Bananas, your Breakfast should only consist of Bananas. Remember to leave some time between the meals (At least 4 hours). And don’t consume any snacks in-between.

Lunch/Dinner: You should mainly consume foods which consist mostly out of Carbohydrates just as Potatoes or Pasta. You can also combine them with different sauces based on vegetables like pepper, tomato or mushroom to make your meals more enjoyable.

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