90 Day Diet Meal Plan

90 Day Diet Meal Plan


The 90 day diet’s meal plan is mainly based on the principle called food separation. While you are following such a diet, or a regime, you can actually consume all the needed nutrients for your body such as meat, carbs, sweets, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fats, as well as pasta. Practically, as you can see, you can eat anything. The only thing you should pay attention to is how to consume them. You should follow a strict diet plan and keep the rules in terms of how to consume the food as a whole. The diet is divided into 4 different days: Protein, Starch, Carbs, Fruit. While breakfast stays on this diet everyday the same, for the rest of the day have to consume a specific kind of food. In the following you will see a small summary of foods you should consume on each day, if you want to have further details you can download our app here for free.


90 Day Diet Meal Plan:



The breakfast is everyday the same. It should consists out of one fruit group. But you are not allowed to mix different fruits. So, for example, if you decide to eat Bananas, your Breakfast should only consist out of bananas.

Protein’s Day:

You should consume different kinds of food which contains a lot of protein. For example: meat – pork, chicken, fish, lamb, beef and many others. You can also consume milk, curd, cheese, dairy or soy products and combine them with non starchy veggies such as cucumbers, tomatoes or spinach. It is also possible to eat a few slices of wheat bread.

Starch Day:

On this day you should focus on starchy Carbohydrates. Usually boiled food like potatoes, rice, soy, beans or corn. A combination of several products, for example rice with peas is recommended.

Carbs Day:

Different kinds of vegetarian food that consist in the main out of Carbohydrates, such as Pizza or Pasta. You can combine them with different sauces based on vegetables like pepper, tomato or mushroom sauce but everything without meat.

Fruit Day:

Any kind of fruit or vegetable, you can also mix them (lunch/dinner). You should consume fresh and dried fruits, but you should pay attention to the sugar in the dried ones. You can also consume fruit juices and compotes. During the Fruit day you can eat seeds and nuts should you feel that you are running out of energy and the fruit alone is not enough for your body.

Water Day (optional):

Drink only water, coffee or tea during this Day. If you cannot restrain from food, you can also consume some vegetable soup. Water Day is optional. If you want to do it, consider your health status in advance and consult a doctor.”

When you choose your meals for your 90 day diet meal plan you should alwys make sure that you are following an balanced diet. Otherwise deficiency symptoms can appear on your body.

If you want to know more, just download the free App. It offers a calender where all the Days are filled in automatically, depending on your start date, so that you always know which day it is. It also offers a lot of other functions.

6 thoughts on “90 Day Diet Meal Plan

  1. I have followed the diet and was very happy with it . But unfortunately could not maintain neither the healthylife style nor the weight. So would love to start it all over again and stick to the life style . So kindly let me know when is the next CP starting so as to enroll.
    Thank you .

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback. If you want to start it over again you just need to download our app (AppStore or Google Play Store). Then you can start the diet anytime and everywhere you want.
      Good luck in the further healthy way of your life!

  2. Hi,
    I have followed the diet and the results are very good. I have 10 days to finish it and I really enjoyed it! Could you please tell me what I have to do after the 90 days? Is there a special maintenance plan that I have to comply with?
    Thank you

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