Proteins Day

Proteins Day

The 90 Day Diet starts off with the Proteins Day. Usually when you think about protein you think about different kinds of meat. But protein can be obtained from a multitude sources of nutrition, including plants, milk and even nuts. The goal is to mainly consume protein on that day, but you can also combine it with a small amount of side dishes to make your meals even more delicious.

Breakfast: The breakfast stays every day the same (Except Water Day). You can eat any kind of fruit group. But don’t mix it. For example, if you decide to eat Bananas, your Breakfast should only consist of Bananas. Remember to leave some time between the meals (At least 4 hours). And don’t consume any snacks in-between.

Lunch/Dinner: For lunch and dinner your food should primarily consist out of protein. Good sources are: different kind of meat – pork, chicken, fish, lamb, beef. You can also consume milk, curd, cheese, dairy products, soy or soy products. Plant-based protein foods like Quinoa, lentils, beans,..

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90 Day Diet Plan:

Protein’s Day

Starch’s Day

Carbohydrate’s Day

Vitamin’s Day

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