Vitamins/Fruit’s Day

Vitamins/Fruit’s Day

Like the name already includes, on the Vitamin Day you should mainly consume Fruits and Vegetables. Nuts (Max Amount: 75g) and seeds are also a good fit.

Breakfast: The breakfast is identical on each day (except Water Day). You can eat any kind of fruit group, but don’t mix it. For example, if you decide to eat Bananas, your Breakfast consists only of Bananas. Remember to leave some time between the meals (At least 4 hours). And don’t consume any snacks in-between.

Lunch/Dinner: Similar like for breakfast with the exception of combining food. So you can combine various types of fruits and vegetables. For example, fruit salad, or grilled vegetables.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to contact us. Don’t forget to check out our app to get the most out of your diet. Good luck with the further healthy way of your life.


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